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I want to help you have a stress free day, both before, during, and after the actual day.  With over 12  years of experience in the wedding business and over 30 years in photography, I can help you plan for the best coverage of your day so you can take one important thing off your list.  You can rest assured, I will be here to help you through the entire process.

All of your other vendors are thinking about their own point of view when it comes to YOUR wedding day.  But my job is to capture all the details about your day - to tell the story of your day.  To that extent, I will cover all the details of your day  to ensure we have it all in the best "light" possible...so you can look back on your perfect day and remember it all...




8 hours of wedding coverage with 2 photographers is $3500  You'll receive all finished jpeg images both online for direct download for you, your guests, and your family members, AND in a custom desgined keepsake USB box with a USB full of beautiful jpegs tucked inside.  

Custom books are available and you can save money by adding a special offer package on  at booking time.  Finish your day with not just your images, but a beautiful book for you and copies for your parents too.

Additional package types for other hour configurations are available - please inquire for our full wedding magazine pdf. - Click HERE and we'll get the process started!

If you can't wait, and want to talk to us right now, call (703) 328-7675 and I'll be happy to answer your questions on pricing and/or availability.


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How many images will I receive?

Typically about 100 per hour, but it will depend on the timeline of your day and how you've arranged for our coverage - one photographer, or two.  

Are my images "edited"?

All the images of your day are culled and sorted to create the final images you'll see.  The original raw images are then processed through a multi layer process I use to create beautiful, printable jpegs for you to use in your own prints, books, etc.  Both custom created batch processes and individual attention to your images ensures that all of your images are enjoyable for you for generations.  

When will I recieve my images?

I typically deliver final images to my clients within 4-6 weeks of their wedding date.

Each wedding receives three copies of their final images - one set for the couple and the extra two sets for your parents.

Do you do the weddings, or do you hire others?

I work every wedding myself.  I hire second shooters, and bring an assistant on wedding day.  But you hire me, you get me.


What if I don't want or need an included engagement session?

Each package that includes an engagement session will tell you what the credit will be to take out an engagement session option.  If your package includes a mini session, the credit is a bit less than if your package includes a full engagement session.  


What equipment do you use?

I'm a Nikon girl for over 20 years.  I work with the professional series of Nikon cameras - and I have a complete bag (& more!) of lenses, flashes, and misc equipment.  I'm happy to show you my equipment and hope you'll arrange a time to come by the studio showroom to see it all.  Between the cameras and backups of all lens ranges, I am fully confidant that even if I drop a camera on your wedding day (!!) your final images will not be affected.

I am also licensed and insured as a full time professional photographer in Loudoun County, Virginia.  


Have you worked at my venue before?

GOOD QUESTION!  If I haven't (and in many cases I might not have), it's only because there are so many amazing venues in this area!  But rest assured - I will always take a private visit to your venue before your event to "see" it through my eyes, take some snapshots, etc.  And I will also meet you there at your last minute coordinating meeting so I can hear about your final timelines, draw some diagrams of how you will set up the rooms, etc.  My goal is to always be prepared...so no worries on this one!


What haven't I asked?

ANOTHER GOOD QUESTION! Most couples don't ask about the image storage.  I will tell you, it's one of the things I worry most about!

Some photographers only use cameras with one memory card slot.  We ONLY work with cameras with two card slots - and we shoot to both cards at the same time, the same image.  So every image is first backed up IN CAMERA.

We take it one step further - we change cards 3-5 times during your wedding day - for every camera.  We never fill a memory card to capacity - in fact, I don't even buy LARGE capacity memory cards for weddings.  

When I download cards to my computer, I only download from one of the cards we used and the backup card is stored away until your final images are delivered.  So yes, I have enough memory cards to work your wedding, and any weddings between yours and your final image delivery.  (please ask to see them, the stack is quite impressive!)

Why?  Memory card failure is a real thing.  And most often, there is no warning while taking the images that there is anything wrong with your card.  That wonderful and unpleasant surprise typically happens when you try to download your images.  And what if my hard drive fails after I've downloaded your images?  AND my back up drive fails?  No fear...if total catastrophe happens, I have a complete set of original memory cards I can fall back on... just in case.  I'm not saying it's completely 100% fool proof, but it's pretty darn close...

That's my commitment to every couple.  And the question some other photographers hope you won't ask.


Still have more questions?  No problem!  Email me at any time and I'll answer them right away!