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I hate BIO pages...they read like someone is trying to sell themselves to you!  Well, I guess we are... but I hate being a sales person.  

I love my business, don't get me wrong...but having to describe myself is one of the hardest parts of putting together marketing - this is the part I go all blank on...

I picked up my first camera when I was 7...my first REAL camera was my 16th birthday present (yes I still have it) and I worked after school and weekends in a camera store to buy lenses and learn from the pros.  

I LOVE taking pictures...creating something beautiful....but doesn't every photographer have a passion for photography? You've read this before...let's assume that's the base line of every photographer you will talk too... 

So...something more personal maybe?  

Here are a few random Patty facts...

  • I'm a wife - married to my high school sweetheart for over 30 years.  Yup, not the youngest one you'll chat with...but I'd be "selling" you to tell you why I think my age is a benefit...
  • I'm a mom - with yes, two amazing  kids AND two daughters in law, and as of this year, two grand-babies too!
  • I love animals.  I have two cats and currently one Border Collie - and when you get to know me, you'll see the images of all my animals everywhere.  
  • I live in Round Hill, VA.  We bought the land many years ago, and worked with a local builder to design the house just the way we want it.  I wanted people to walk into our home and feel comfortable.  It was one of the most exhausting things we ever did, but in the end, the results were worth it (just don't ask me to do it again, LOL)
  • I drive a Mini Cooper Clubman..."wrapped" in advertising about my business.  I LOVE my car...it's fun...and cute...and because it was my husband's idea to buy it and wrap it, it's not only wrapped in the advertising, it's wrapped in love too...(yeah, a little corny, I know...but it's true)
  • I'm detail oriented - I love both the art of photography, and the business of it.  I create my own websites, marketing material, respond to emails personally, and I do even drive the tractor around the property when necessary...I love being able to do (almost) all of it - and when I need help, I have my amazing husband and my network of incredibly supportive extended family and friends.
  • I hate to cook, love to organize things, work nonstop until I drop when I'm in the middle of a project, go to movies for the popcorn, love Disney World (the child in me, sorry), can only sit on a beach for so long before I need my computer again, can't pass a garden center without wanting to stop and buy just ONE MORE ...and enjoy a hot cup of tea on any day just for the chance to sit and think for a few minutes.

And lastly...because if you've read this far you get a big STAR.... I'm crazy about making sure everyone walks away from any experience with my business with a positive reaction.  I want YOU to love having worked with ME.  So I will make sure I do whatever it takes to get that reaction.

I'm Patty Schuchman.  I am Patty Schuchman Photography.... I hope we get to meet in person.